A deposit of 30% is required at the time of booking.

Payments are accepted by credit card, cheque or cash.

The balance is payable before the hire period commences, plus an excess payment, refundable if the boat is returned undamaged.


Extra cleaning :

If the boat is not left in an acceptable condition and extra cleaning is necessary, this will be charged at €30 per hour and will be deducted from the excess payment.

Permits and licences

Anyone driving the motor boat must hold the appropriate permit.

We can arrange courses to obtain a permit – these normally take 2 days over a single weekend.

If you don’t have a permit we can provide a skipper for €250 per day.

No boat licence is required to hire a sailing boat but evidence of competence will be required by the owner. In the event of an insurance claim, the skipper must provide a CV nautique (record of sailing experience).

Minimum age for boat drivers is 16 years.

The number of people allowed on the boat is clearly stated and must not be exceeded.

Distance limits

Boats may not be driven more than 5 miles from the nearest safe haven.


The boat is fully covered by the owner’s insurance.

Renters must arrange their own personal accident insurance cover as required.

Damage and repairs

In the event of a technical problem which prevents further use of the boat, a replacement will be provided subject to availability.

The hirer will be required to pay for any breakages or damage caused by his actions.

The owner will authorise payments of up to €50 by the hirer during the hire period to repair or replace items which are broken or damaged through normal wear and tear.

Safety Equipment

Boats carry all safety equipment required under French law including life jackets for the maximum number of people on board.


Boats are provided with a full fuel tank and must be returned full unless alternative arrangements are made with the owner.

Details of fuel stations are shown on this map. Note that fuel stations normally close at 18.00.

Port Grimaud

Marines de Cogolin




Points of embarcation and return can be agreed in advance.
Boats can be delivered to and collected from a private mooring if required.

Return time is normally 18.00 unless alternative arrangements are made with the owner.


In the event of bad weather single day bookings will be cancelled and rearranged whenever possible.

Cancellation for any other reason is at the discretion of the owner.

Laws and regulations

Speed limits in the area are strictly enforced :

It is recommended that drivers should not navigate between the shore and the Cardinals at the bay entrance due to shallow water and rocks.

Towing for water skiers and water sports is not permitted in the bay of St.Tropez between 0900 and 1900.

Boats must not be driven while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

On the water the boat driver must carry the following documentation:

* provided by the owner

French Police carry out frequent checks (on the water and in the air) with serious consequences for offenders.